Can I access the raw data on a per- respondent basis?

In order to estimate brand awareness using MRP, we take all the respondents from the sample and run a regression. The final regression is a model that predicts whether a respondent says “Yes” to the question based on his / her age, gender and other demographics. In this way, it uses all the respondents from all the cells to calculate the average effect of the demographics on the response. This allows us to estimate responses even for niche audiences, while maintaining high precision, as the strength is based on the entire sample of thousands of respondents.

With MRP however, the survey estimates for each question are based on a model that comes from the relevant sample. That means it’s not possible to use the raw dataset on its own to explore the survey results for all the different questions or for all the different population segmentations. Instead, the final delivery shows only the final results of the MRP calculations, for each desired question and for each desired segment.