How do I use the Campaign Tracking feature?

This article provides a brief overview of the campaign tracking tool, as well as an overview of how to build this library into your dashboard.

With Campaign Tracking, you can see your brand analytics in the context of the real-world campaigns that you are running. To get started, click the "+" in the top-right corner of the page to add a campaign. You'll be able to see your campaigns on the Comparison Graph, as well as in the new Campaign Tracking tab.


Why track campaigns? Well, why not? It provides you with a visual aid to see how changes in KPIs might be directly correlated to the campaigns that you or your competitors are running or have run in the past. Oh yes, you read that right - if you know one of your competitors is running a campaign, why not track that as well?


Once a campaign has been added, a visual element will appear directly above the timeline across all tabs. This represents the campaign and the time period for which it is/was running. You can easily use this to help visualize the impact of these campaigns on KPI trends.