Success Strategies

We regularly update and add features to the Latana dashboard, and we collect all learning materials in this organized database.

Success Strategies

Latana’s Off-The-Shelf Custom KPIs

While Latana offers the core brand funnel KPIs along with a few extra essential metrics as part of its standard offering, we recognize that all brands have their unique business objectives and therefore require unique tracking solutions. We’ve compiled a list of recommended KPIs that are likely a great fit for your brand.

See below two lists of KPIs, with each KPI containing a description, use case and possible survey question. For more information on choosing the right KPIs and context around ‘Brand’ and ‘Category’ KPIs, check out our Choosing the right Custom KPIs article.

Brand KPIs

KPIDescriptionWhy bother?Example Question
Source of Brand AwarenessTracks where audiences have heard of the brandUnderstand unknown brand touch points - which channels audiences have been exposed to the brandWhere did you see/hear about [BRAND NAME]?
Ad AwarenessTracks exposure to ads in recent time periodCampaign tracking - Identify reach of ad campaign/sWhere have you seen or heard advertisements from [BRAND NAME] in the past 4 weeks?
TOM AwarenessTracks the 1st brand audiences think of within categoryKey for larger brands/highly competitive categories + want to track awareness further than Unaided/Aided AwarenessWhat's the first brand that comes to mind when you think of [CATEGORY NAME]?
Product Knowledge/ AwarenessTracks knowledge of product suite for the brandUnderstand how knowledgeable audiences are about various products + whether this is being marketed effectivelyWhich of the following can you use with [BRAND NAME]?
Brand Use OccasionsTracks how audiences use the brandHelp market the brand towards consumer convenience + identify relevant brand positioning, marketing channelsWhich of the following best matches your primary uses of [BRAND NAME]?
Brand Drivers/ MotivationsTracks primary drivers for using/considering the brandUnderstand what motivates/attracts audiences to consider/use the brand (i.e. good value for money, friendly customer service)Which of the following do you associate with [BRAND NAME]?
Brand BarriersTracks primary pain points for using/considering the brandUnderstand gaps in consideration or low usage/retention (i.e. too expensive, lack of product diversity, too much effort)What would be the main concerns, if any, preventing you from using [BRAND NAME]?
Extended Brand AssociationsTracks associations and imagery audiences most associate with the brandUnderstand brand perception + primary attributes in branding (can be positive and negative)Which of the following do you associate with [BRAND NAME]?
Brand EffectivenessTracks how effective the brand is at solving customer's problemCompetitive advantage/retention - seeing how effective the brand is at getting your customer to their goalHow effective is [BRAND NAME] for [CATEGORY NAME]?
Brand EngagementTracks audiences level of brand engagement/loyaltyUnderstanding satisfaction/engagement to improve retention/reduce churnHow satisfied were you with the service/quality/product offering of [BRAND NAME]?
NPSTracks likelihood of recommending the brand to a colleague or friendUnderstand brand loyalty + effectiveness of word and mouth marketingHow likely are you to recommend [BRAND NAME] on a scale from 0 to 10?
Product FeaturesTracks which product features are most valuable to audiencesDiversified product + want to know which products/sub-products audiences have the best value and growth potentialWhich of the following [BRAND NAME] product features and functions is most important to you?

Category KPIs

KPIDescriptionWhy bother?Example Question
Category Use OccasionsTracks how audiences use the categoryIdentify situations or occasions audiences use a product in the category + help identify brand positioning, best marketing channelsWhich of the following best matches your primary uses of [CATEGORY NAME]?
Industry/ Category AwarenessTracks awareness of categoryNew to category/move to new category + want to understand/promote general market awarenessWhat are all the companies that provide [CATEGORY NAME] that you know?
Category Drivers/ MotivationsTracks primary drivers for the wider market/categoryUnderstand what motivates/drives audiences to consider/use the category and how the brand is measuring up to these expectationsWhich of the following reasons, if any, best describes why you might choose to use [CATEGORY NAME]?
Category BarriersTracks primary pain points for wider market/categoryIdentify consumer barriers/pain points within category and competition( (i.e. don't have a need, services too expensive, don't have time to use)What would be the main concerns, if any, preventing you from [CATEGORY NAME]?
Category SpendTracks amount consumers are willing to pay for a product/service in the categoryImprove pricing + brand gowth by understanding what new products will sell for and by how muchOn average, how much would you generally spend on a [CATEGORY NAME]?
Category OpennessTracks how open audiences are to using the categoryMove to new category/starting new category + want to identify core audience/sHow likely are you to consider using [CATEGORY NAME] if you had a need?
Category Entry PointsTracks initial touchpoints consumer has with a categoryGain a deeper understanding of where, when, and why consumers use/consider the categoryIn which of the following situations do you usually use [CATEGORY NAME]?
Industry/ Category UsageTracks usage of categoryNew to category/move to new category + want to understand usage of total marketHave you used {CATEGORY NAME] in the last 6 months?

This should give you some more insight into the kinds of KPIs you can track and for what purpose. All these KPIs are customizable however we will always make recommendations based on what's likely to bring about the best insights for your specific business case. Feel free to reach out to us if you wish to add additional KPIs or discuss KPIs in general. Always happy to help!

Unsure how KPIs work within the context of Brand? Check out our Understanding KPIs article.