What are custom audience characteristics?

Analysing brand perception is only useful, when one has the ability to segment the insights. Latana provides the user with a set of standard audience characteristics, as well as some custom audience characteristics. 

Custom audience characteristics are demographic, sociographic, psychographic or behavioural criteria that you can use to frame and analyse your audience. In traditional market research these would be referred to as 'screeners', but with our technology you don't have to screen, and you can use multiple. 

Let's provide you with an example: Assume you are a razor manufacturer and are doing brand campaigns targeted at people who shave. In this case, you would probably want to understand how people who shave perceive your brand - and voila, this is a custom audience characteristic. 

Other than behaviour, we also often feature attitudes or media consumption. Anything that we can ask in a question is possible here, as long as the incidence rate is at least 20% of the population.