What is the Brand Funnel?

Brand funnel is the place you go to see where your brand is converting audience and dropping off with them

Upon your first login to the Latana Dashboard, you’ll land directly on your Brand Funnel. This page provides you with an overview of your four main KPIs: Unaided Awareness, Aided Awareness, Brand Consideration, and your selected Brand Associations if you’re on our Pro plan. 

Navigating the Brand Funnel:

Switching between brands in the Funnel view takes two clicks of your mouse. Navigate to the upper left hand side of the funnel and, just under the Brand Funnel tab, open the drop-down menu to display your tracked brands. Then, just select which brand you’d like to view KPIs for. 

Want to change the audience you’re looking at? Just to the right of your brand selection menu, you can use the drop-down menu to view which audiences are available for this market. Select the option of your choice, and your dashboard will update to reflect the new selection!

Funnel Overview

The KPI view is optimized to help you visualize drop-offs between stages of your funnel and changes between waves, so you can easily understand your brand health at a glance. Additionally, our bottom-of-the-funnel KPIs give you deeper insight into how efficiently you're turning your prospects into customers. The drop-offs between each stage highlight opportunities for you to increase your conversion rates, and how effectively your competitors are doing as well.

To see your category, simply click on the KPI header (indicated by the arrow below).

Funnel Comparison View

We've also recently introduced a new comparison feature to the Brand Funnel! This allows you to toggle between brands to easily compare how your brand stacks up to its competitors. To open, simply select the splitter to the top right side of the Brand Funnel view (shown in the image above). You are then able to select different brands and audience groups for comparison.

KPI Breakdown

Unaided Awareness is a measurement of those among the general population who, unprompted by a logo, entered your brand when asked “When you think of [Category] which brands come to mind?” 

Aided Awareness is a measurement of those among the general population who identified and selected your brand when asked, “Which of the following brands have you heard of?” from a list of given options. Please note that they also have the option to select ‘none’ if they do not recognize any of the brands listed.

Brand Consideration is a measurement of those who, upon selecting your brand in the aided awareness category, also selected your brand when asked, “Which of the following brands would you consider using?” from the list of brands identified in the aided awareness question. There is also the option for respondents to select ‘none’ for consideration.

Brand Usage is a measurement of respondents who indicated they have used your brand in the last 6 months. This question is also dependent upon those brands selected in the aided awareness question, with multiple options provided for selection.

Brand Preference is a measurement of respondents who indicated that your brand was their preferred choice from a list of brands. Respondents can only choose one option in this question. 

If you're a Pro user, your Brand Associations were selected prior to the launch of your project. Consider these numbers as a measure of what the general population attribute to your brand. Interested in adding associations to your setup? Contact your sales rep here.