What is the Characteristics Heatmap

Learn more about this dashboard feature, and how to leverage it to gather deeper insight about your brand strategy

With the Heatmap, you’ll be able to gain deeper insight into your brand performance. You will be able to see at a glance the distribution of awareness across each segment of the general population. Each matrix shows a combination of two demographics and the distribution of the selected brand KPI in each segment. 

In this example, we're looking at how a certain brand's Aided Brand Awareness looks across the general population. Immediately, you see that they have highest awareness across 18-25 year olds with High and Medium Education, and lowest awareness among 46-65 year olds with Low Education. 


You can view the heatmap across any combination of brand and KPI. Currently, the KPIs you can use the heatmap to visualize are Aided Brand Awareness, Unaided Brand Awareness, and Brand Consideration. We plan to add support for the Brand Score in the future. 


Want to see how your brand stacks up in different markets? Use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to switch between countries at a snap. Similarly, you can also adjust your timeline view by adjusting the timeline at the bottom of the heatmap to reflect the period you would like to view. 


Interesting in sharing this data with colleagues outside of your dashboard? Download the full CSV file by selecting ‘Download CSV’ at the top of your page.

To get started exploring, navigate to the "Characteristics Heatmap" tab.