What is the Comparison Graph

Learn more about how to use the this dashboard feature to identify trends over time.

The Comparison Graph is where you’ll be able to identify and track trends across KPIs over time. With each subsequent wave of data, patterns will start to emerge from which you can draw deeper insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Interacting with the graph is simple. Select the brand you would like to identify trends in, and then select which KPI to highlight using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. 

The graph will then display the different audiences and their changes over time. Hovering over the icons in the chart will provide you with an overview of the specific audience in relation to the selected KPI view.

Interested in looking at a specific period of time? Use the timeline bar to adjust your view by selecting which waves you would like to see displayed in the graph. 

To view a different audience in the graph, select your desired audience from the library at the bottom of the page (learn more about audience builder here)