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Have you validated your MRP model?

We are currently working on a validation case study that will be published on our site soon. In the meantime, we’ve been working with MRP for almost 2 years now and have completed a series of internal validations to ensure that the model provides brands with accurate and precise data.

Although we have incorporated the MRP model, something others have not, we are still using the same type of data as market research firms, i.e. surveys. The difference is that 

  1. we are using significantly more data from every respondent (that’s the audience profiling), and;
  2. we collect much larger sample sizes (min. 3000) to make sure that we have 600+ respondents for even the smallest characteristics.

    In addition, the model accumulates the data it gets for every brand and gets better, i.e. more precise over time.

    Overall, we are not taking away anything used for quota sampling. We are instead adding more technology and data to make brand insights more reliable.

    Click here for more information on MRP.