What is Latana?

We regularly update and add features to the Latana dashboard, and we collect all learning materials in this organized database.

What is Latana?

Popular Latana Use Cases

Depending on your brand's unique business objectives, you can derive value from Latana across multiple use cases. You can find below our customers' most popular reasons for using Latana's brand tracking software.

Keep a pulse on your overall brand health

This is the most critical use case and is used by virtually all of Latana's customers. Perhaps you'd like to monitor how well you're progressing towards your strategic goals, or need to showcase how well your brand is performing to your investors or senior executive branch. Without brand tracking or analytics, it's impossible to have visibility of your brand's performance on the whole. The key feature here is Latana's Brand Funnel, which allows you to see how well your brand is performing within each core KPI - Unaided Awareness, Aided Awareness, Consideration, Preference, and Usage. Monitor your performance overtime and observe any key changes in your audiences' perception.

Identify new target audiences

A popular use case for brand's that either don't know their target audience or wish to explore new audiences in the market. Latana is unique in that it you can analyse niche audiences with higher confidence bounds. Evaluate how each one is performing on each KPI, against one another, and among your competition. Your custom segmentation will determine the kinds of audiences you can analyse so keep this in mind when deciding on how to best setup your survey. Want tips on finding your key audiences? Check out our help article here.

Benchmark performance against competitors

Analysing your brand's health should always be compared against your competition. Latana's dashboard has the capability of benchmarking your performance on each KPI against both direct and indirect competitor brands. You'll be able to compare how each one stacks up on every KPI you track and among any audience you wish to create.

Measure effectiveness of brand campaigns

Have a specific campaign in mind? Latana allows you to capture how much impact this is having overtime. Whether your campaign is specific to a particular country, city or channel, Latana's dashboard allows you to capture a snapshot of how well this is performing on the key KPIs you're trying to track. Find out whether various audiences have seen your ads, whether they're hearing about your brand from Facebook, TV, podcasts, etc or whether your localised city-based campaigns are having a significant impact on your Awareness or Consideration levels.

Gain a deeper insight into your brand or category

An increasingly popular use case for Latana is to understand the deeper insights into your brand and category. Are you moving into or creating a new category altogether and wish to measure how open key audiences are to using the product? Interested in understanding the why behind many of your key KPIs? Measure Brand Barriers and Brand Drivers to gain insight into what's deterring customers from using your product or the primary reasons they're leaping to use it. Curious about what kinds of KPIs you can track using Latana? Check out our Off-The-Shelf Custom KPIs article here.