What is Latana?

A reliable & precise brand tracking tool that measures the impact of your brand activities across different audiences. Latana helps you get inside the minds of your target audience so you can make better decisions and build a better brand.

What is Brand Tracking?

Brand tracking is a means of continuously and precisely measuring brand health via audience brand metrics by using advanced data science and large data sets. In other words, Latana enables you to measure the performance of your brand within your target audience(s) by tracking:

  • Unaided brand awareness: The percentage of your demographic who expressed recognition of your brand without being prompted
  • Aided brand awareness: A measure of those respondents who expressed recognition of your brand when prompted with a list of brands
  • Brand consideration: Indicates how how likely your audience is to purchase your brand
  • Brand associations: This will show which traits your audience associates with your brand.

We focus specifically on these 4 areas because these are the most important KPIs for your brand and the ones you want to improve the most. In addition, these 4 KPIs are at the core of measuring for consistent brand performance, requiring constant monitoring. Other consumer insights can be gathered sporadically.

What sets Latana apart?

Our brand tracking software has revolutionized brand tracking to provide the reliable insights your brand needs to grow. Reliable is the keyword here. We take precision to the next level with large sample sizes and keep over half a dozen variables stable to detect real-world changes, in comparison to keeping only age and gender stable. Because we offer high precision even across niche audiences.

  • We provide access to 1,000's of different broad and niche audiences. 
  • Our margin of error: about 2% (including niche markets), the market average: about 4%. 
  • We are able to provide you with 6+ variables, all stabilized to detect real-world changes
  • Our sample size is at least double the size of other tools
  • Last but not least, our little touch of magic: Multilevel Regression and Post-stratification (or just say MRP)

Want to know more?

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