Why choose Latana?

What is the benefit of using Latana?

Improved brand performance
We will provide you with reliable and precise insights about your brand. You can use these insights to understand how your brand is progressing and ultimately make decisions that will allow it to thrive.

Better understanding of your audience(s)
Inside knowledge is key to growth. Our insights will help you better understand how your audience perceives your brand. You can use this information to build relatable campaigns. Plus, the insights we provide can be broken down to help you understand even the most niche audiences.

Compare competitor performance
With Latana, you can compare how your brand is performing against your competitors. You can use this information to see where your competitors are doing things right, and also learn from their mistakes.

Interested in becoming a user?

To become a Latana user, please schedule a call with us. Shortly afterwards, you will be connected with an Account Manager. Set up is quick and easy. All we need from you is a list of the brands, markets, and audience(s) you want to analyse.