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All Things Brand Funnel

What is the Brand Funnel?

The brand funnel is a conceptual model that represents the journey consumers take from discovery to purchase. Your brand funnel should resemble something similar to the following:

The funnel indicates at what stage of the customer journey you’re converting and losing potential customers among audiences. The stages are as follows:

Unaided Awareness

A stand-alone metric that asks an open-ended question about whether a respondent can recall your brand unprompted (% of total audience).

Aided Awareness

How many people have heard of your brand (% of total audience).


How many of those who are aware of your brand would consider using it (% of Aided Awareness).


How many people prefer your brand over the competition (% of Aided Awareness).


How many people have used your brand in recent months (% of Aided Awareness).

Tip: If you’re interested in knowing what your custom funnel is measuring for each KPI, hover your cursor over the name, and it will display the exact question offered to respondents.

Purpose of the Brand Funnel

The Brand Funnel is valuable for several reasons, as it:

  1. Helps assess your brand’s health.

  2. Shows where you’re losing your audience/potential customers

  3. Highlights problem areas to focus your upcoming brand strategy and can inform brand objectives

Interpreting your Brand Funnel

Look at the drop-offs between each KPI in your brand funnel and identify where you’re both winning and losing the greatest share of customers. Use the Brand Funnel Compare feature in the top right-hand corner of the Brand Funnel to compare drop-offs between different segments. For example, you could have low Consideration among the General Population yet high Consideration among your target audience. See the feature here:

Tip: Use the Brand Funnel Comparison feature or the table below your funnel in the dashboard to benchmark against competitor brands. For example, the funnel might show low conversion from Aided Awareness to Consideration but actually be performing strongly in relation to other brands in your category.

For a more detailed explanation of how to use the Brand Funnel more effectively, check out our Effective ways of interpreting the Brand Funnel article.