Using Latana

We regularly update and add features to the Latana dashboard, and we collect all learning materials in this organized database.

Using Latana

Compare Brand Tracking Data across Time

Why compare data over time?

Tracking your performance across time is essential for measuring any changes to your brand’s health and the success of your campaigns. The ideal frequency with which you track your brand depends on how often you’re running your campaigns and how quickly you would like to spot trends in your brand’s health.

Observe changes in the chart visualizations

Using the time slider located below the chart visualizations in the “Brand Funnel” and “All KPIs” sections of the dashboard, select the month you wish to track and then drag it left or right depending on the period of time you wish to cover. As shown in the mock data below, between Jan 2020 until Feb 2020, February's performance on the right in white shows 4.93% Aided Awareness and the rate of increase on the left in blue was 0.02%. In this example, we didn’t see a significant change month on month.

Observe changes in the table

For a full breakdown of changes across time, look at the table at the bottom of the dashboard. Select “Segment” to lock in one particular target audience or “Brand” to lock in your brand or a competitor. The time slider will also determine what you see in this format. As shown in the mock example below, the table allows you to see how much each brand or segment increased/decreased for each KPI:

In this case, we see 0.02% to 4.44% increases on each KPI between November 2019 and February 2020.

Using the Comparison Graph

The Comparison Graph section allows you to visualize your findings over time. Similar to the table, you can analyse each KPI across competitor brands and segments. In the mock example below, you can see Brand Consideration increasing 13.67% across the general population from September 2019 to February 2020.

Use the Comparison Graph to spot trends across waves to ensure you’re setting the right strategic brand objectives. In the above case, we see some brands increasing in Consideration while competitors remaining stagnant over the same period.