Using Latana

We regularly update and add features to the Latana dashboard, and we collect all learning materials in this organized database.

Using Latana

Compare performance against competitors

In order to compare your performance against competitors, follow the below steps:

  1. In the audience filter at the top of the dashboard, select the audience you wish to analyse.

  2. Scroll down to the table located at the bottom of your dashboard

  3. Ensure “Segment” is selected to lock in the segment to compare competitor brands (select “Brand” to lock in the brand and compare across audiences)

  4. Select the KPI title you wish to analyse (Unaided, Aided, Consideration etc) to sort each brand descending (highest at the top) or click again to sort ascending (lowest at the top).

  5. See how well your brand stacks up against competitors on each KPI.

    In the mock example above, we see Revolut has the highest Consideration against competitors for the Urban High Income audience.

Great! Now you know how your brand performs for each KPI, across segments and against competitor brands. If you wish to find out how to leverage these insights to inform your brand strategy, check out our article Leverage Brand Analytics to create an effective brand strategy.