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Getting Started

Understanding Segmentation

What is segmentation?

Market segmentation is the process of dividing the total markets into important segments. Before identifying your target audience, it’s important to map the market through segmentation. While traditional quota sampling has proven to be fairly ineffective in accurately predicting consumer attitudes due to a limited respondent sample for niche audiences, Latana’s advanced statistical modelling, MRP, allows you to do this with much higher precision.

What are audience characteristics?

Audience characteristics are the building blocks for your segmentation. They’re demographic, sociographic, psychographic or behavioural criteria you can use to frame and analyse your audience. The Latana dashboard offers the standard demographic characteristics of age, gender, income, education, and location, to build your audiences. Each audience characteristic represents an answer from a segmentation question asked in the survey.

What are custom audience characteristics?

Custom audience characteristics are like standard audience characteristics except they’re unique to your brand or category. They enable you to filter, analyse and compare your brand’s performance across your brand’s audiences. With custom audience characteristics, you can compare between the general population and your target audience, and discover and explore new potential audiences for your brand.

Unsure what segmentation or audience characteristics are right for your brand? Check out our Choosing the Right Segmentation article.